How to choose the right mobility scooter

One of the main ideas behind our products and services and mobility products at large is cultivating and maintaining independence. Acquiring and using a mobility scooter is perhaps the best manifestation of this concept. After all, what could be better than a product that, figuratively but also quite literally, gets you where you’re going?

As with any tool with as wide a range of products as mobility scooters, there is likely to be one that fits any situation better than others might, depending on what your position is. So how do you discern what will work best for you?

Consider the following factors as you browse our products page:

Comfort and features

The right balance of comfort and performance is perhaps the most obvious factor involved in selected the right scooter. Tire size, speed abilities, range, cornering and terrain tracking are all components of this. When you start a conversation with us we will help you navigate these key features and help you find the right fit.


Finding the right scooter hinges on consideration of what you expect to do with it. We have models fit for people of all varying degrees of personal mobility, as well as for long trips, frequent use and even journeys into the outdoors. Safety must be a factor.

Weight grades

Consider both your own weight as well as whatever else you may need your scooter to carry.

Ease of storage and assembly

Some scooters require more vehicle muscle to lift and transport than others, and some will more easily navigate smaller storage spaces or those with nooks and crannies.

Check out our Go Go Sport model:

What your means and insurance will cover

While we believe our products are reasonably priced and give you great bang for your buck, high-end models can give buyers pause. Bear in mind insurance companies often require certain criteria to cover the cost of scooters. Let us help you do the homework on verifying what boxes you must check off!

Maintenance costs

Remember that, like any vehicle, mobility scooters require some TLC, which from time to time will necessitate repairs and replacement.


All of these topics will be useful to ponder as you find the right fit for you or your loved one. Any mobility scooter has the potential to make your life easier — but operating a machine best suited to your needs will give you the best return and, ideally, your best life