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Step Inside a Stiltz Homelift

With a Stiltz home elevator, you will enjoy every inch of your home — downstairs and upstairs!

Why renovate or move when there’s no need? A Stiltz HomeLift is the safest, most convenient, most versatile way of getting between floors when stairs have become a challenge.

Look at our unique railing system, and you can tell right away why we’re called “Stiltz”! The lift car travels on our unique space-saving rail system, which requires no load-bearing walls.

Plenty of location options!

What’s so special about a Stiltz HomeLift?

It’s safe.
A battery backup lowers the lift in a power outage. Sensors stop the lift if something is in the way. And a phone is available in case of emergency.

It’s versatile.
With different models and sizes, our elevators fit one to three people – or even a wheelchair.

It fits just about anywhere.
Install your lift through the floor, in a stairwell, or up to a landing. No supporting walls required.

It’s quiet.
Our electric drive system is very quiet. No noisy hydraulics or vacuum systems are involved.

It’s an extra pair of hands.
Comfortably and confidently move laundry, suitcases, vacuum cleaners – even the family pet.

Homelift FAQs

Yes! The Stiltz Trio Alta HomeLift is ideal for homeowners with mobility issues, because it provides you with the freedom and independence to move around the home unhindered. The Trio Alta is our widest and longest model. It can accommodate two to three people or a full-sized wheelchair. It is the ideal alternative to a stairlift.

Yes. Stiltz HomeLifts are fitted with your choice of a half-height or full-height hinged door.* The door provides a physical barrier during the operation of the lift. The door locks automatically release when the lift arrives safely.

Lifts with half-height doors come equipped with an infrared “light curtain” that will instantly detect anything crossing over the top of the door. If this happens, the lift will safely stop, and will not continue until the obstruction is removed.

* Your state or local regulations may require a specific type of door.

The Stiltz HomeLift has safety sensors above and below the lift car which immediately detect obstructions and stop the car. The lift is also fitted with over weight and out of balance sensors. Finally, every Stiltz HomeLift comes with a built-in telephone — your choice of a landline or cell phone.

All Stiltz HomeLifts are equipped standard with a battery backup. In case of a power outage to the home, the battery backup allows anyone in the lift at the time of power failure to gently descend to the lower level of the home, exit the lift, and wait until the power comes back on.

It depends on where your homelift is located — but no matter where, construction is minimal. And no supporting walls are ever required. The most common location is through the floor, requiring the appropriate size hole to be cut and finished. Your Authorized Stiltz Dealer will handle this work.

Another common location — through a stairwell void to a landing — needs no hole, but does require a gate at the landing. In rare cases, small amounts of additional work may need to be carried out, such as rerouting pipes or wires — but these are easily managed by your dealer.

Yes. A Stiltz HomeLift is a great help to those with mobility problems — but more and more people buy one to “future-proof” their homes while they are still able-bodied. In addition to people, you can carry groceries, suitcases, laundry — even family pets. With a Stiltz HomeLift, you can continue to live a full life in the family home you love for many years to come.

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