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Travel Mobility

Go-Go Travel Mobility Products offer one-hand feather-touch disassembly, for easy transport or storage, and superb maneuverability.

The compact size of Go-Go Travel Mobility Products allows for easy navigation of hallways and tight spaces, while also providing stable outdoor performance.

Take the guesswork out of travel with ultrasimple assembly, disassembly, and impressive performance. Go where you want to go, easily, with Go-Go!

Go – Go Elite Traveler
Go – Go Sport
Go – Go Folding Scooter

Mid-Sized Scooters

Embrace your potential! Choose a mid-range scooter for comfort and performance that will enhance your active lifestyle. Drive at speeds up to 5.2 mph and see what life has in store for you! Enjoy a greater variety of terrain with more ground clearance, larger tires, and a longer range per charge. Go where you want to go!

Victory 9
Victory 10.2
Victory LX Sport
REVO 2.0

Full Size, Luxury & Heavy-Duty Scooters


Don’t sacrifice style when choosing a mobility scooter. The Raptor is a powerful mobility scooter designed and built for the senior rider who is looking for a more modern power mobility scooter experience. Whether cruising around your community, campsite, or just spending time with your grandkids, the Raptor is fun, beautiful, and just cool to show your friends.


Dominate uneven terrain with this great outdoor mobility scooter that provides superior front and rear suspension with adjustable shocks, for greater comfort as you glide over dirt, gravel, grass, pavement, trails, paths, and mud. The Wrangler is equipped with 14.5-inch tubeless pneumatic tires to absorb unevenness from the terrain underneath of you. This provides a smoother, better ground grip, with less friction between the tire and road. It is equipped with 7.7 peak HP dual motors, to boldly go wherever you choose to take it. This powerful feature provides agility and better handling when it comes to meeting every rider’s need and style.


When you need a heavy-duty mobility scooter, consider Pride® electric scooters for your mobility needs. Pride motorized scooters are engineered, and factory tested to ensure consistent and top performance and long-lasting durability. The Maxima electric scooter is equipped with upgraded electronics and has a weight capacity of 500 pounds. This bariatric scooter is a great choice to maintain independence. Check out Pride’s heavy duty mobility scooters today.


Powerchairs, sometimes referred to as Electric Wheelchairs, are ideal for people who have difficulties walking shorter distances. Tri-State Mobility offers a variety of powerchairs to suit your specific need and budget. Regain your independence and control; no more relying on others to help you maneuver through the house or to push your manual wheelchair on family trips. A safe and perfect alternative to scooters, a powerchair allows the user to freely get around the house without any problem. The tighter turning radius makes using a powerchair perfect for maneuvering between rooms in the house or around objects such as tables or other furniture.

Travel Power Wheelchairs

Don’t let limited mobility keep you from exploring your world. Check out the Jazzy® Power Chairs line to find a travel power wheelchair that meets your travel needs. Whether you are riding the rails or cruising the seas, you need a travel power wheelchair that is lightweight and portable. The Jazzy® Passport electric wheelchair folds easily for compact stowage, while the Go Chair® motorized wheelchair disassembles into five pieces for convenient transport. Consider a Jazzy travel power wheelchair for your next adventure.

Go Chair
Jazzy Passport
Jazzy ES/Jazzy ES Portable

Lightweight Electric Wheelchairs

When you need a lightweight electric wheelchair, consider Jazzy® Power Chairs, designed to meet the needs of everyday people in the real world. Pride’s lightweight electric wheelchairs are extremely portable and compact. Engineered for long-lasting durability, there is a Jazzy lightweight electric wheelchair for every person and lifestyle.

Jazzy Elite ES-1
Jazzy Select
Jazzy Select 6

Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs

No matter what your needs are, Jazzy® Power Chairs has an electric wheelchair to fit you. The lineup of Jazzy motorized wheelchairs includes heavy-duty power wheelchairs that are engineered for superior performance. The Jazzy® Elite HD electric wheelchair is equipped with front-wheel drive for outstanding indoor maneuvering, while the Jazzy® 614 HD motorized wheelchair features Active-Trac® ATX Suspension for outstanding handling over varied terrain. The Jazzy® 1450 power wheelchair is engineered for the bariatric market and offers heavy duty construction and performance components, including upgraded motors and a reinforced frame. Get superb indoor maneuvering with Pride’s bariatric power wheelchairs. When you need reliability and durability, Jazzy heavy-duty power wheelchairs deliver!

Elite HD
Jazzy 614HD
Jazzy 1450

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