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Wheelchair or shower chair accessible.

Accessible Showers

Accessible showers are designed with a barrier free (curbless) entrance, so they are wheelchair or shower chair accessible. The shower floor is at the same level (or a slight rise) with the bathroom floor allowing easier entry for all users. And the shower is so versatile the whole family can enjoy bathing in the new Freedom Accessible Shower from Tri-State Mobility.

If you are replacing your current shower or bathtub, a multi-piece barrier-free shower stall can be easily carried through the home piece by piece and the assembled and installed in the bathroom. Tri-State Mobility has shower stalls in many sizes including the typical residential framing like the 5 foot tub/shower dimensions found in most homes.

If you are building a new home, or adding an addition, a one-piece shower may be your ideal option. Economical and easy to install, we offer one-piece showers in a variety of sizes and colors.

Commercial, barrier-free ADA showers: Tri-State Mobility offers Freedom ADA shower stalls that are ideal for commercial barrier-free ADA bathroom application. Handicapped accessible ADA Showers meet the ADA size specifications for wheelchair accessible installations in places of public accommodation such as schools and businesses. These showers are barrier-free, handicapped accessible and ADA compliant when equipped with the appropriate ADA accessories.

  • Two 24” grab bars
  • One 36” grab bar
  • Wall mounted folding shower seat
  • Collapsible water retainer
  • Weighted shower curtain and rod
  • Handheld shower kit with glide bar

Easy Step Shower

Freedom Easy Step Walk-in Shower units offer a luxurious and comfortable solution to modern bathroom safety without sacrificing style. These low threshold showers have a 3” or 4” curb that is easy to step over.

Our Barrier-free and Easy Step showers (curbed) are available in the standard white, as well as bone, biscuit and ice gray. Some of the one piece units, which are primarily used for new construction only are also available with a Century Stone finish.

  • Folding or molded shower seat
  • Shower curtain and rod
  • Grab bars
  • Handheld shower kit with glide bar

CLEANCUT Tub Conversion

Adds step-in accessibility to your existing bathtub without the cost of an expensive remodel. Tri-State Mobility is an independent installer for the CLEANCUT brand of tub cut. This product can be installed in just 2-4 hours in most cases. Greatly reduces the possibility of falls and reduces the difficulty associated with stepping into and out of the bathtub.

  • Can be installed on all types of tubs including fiberglass, acrylic, steel and cast iron
  • Has skid resistant surface
  • Add some grab bars and a shower seat to increase your safety and independence

Gives you a more convenient step-in shower


Adds Accessibility to taller or high – profile tubs!

CLEANCUT Convertible

Configures from step-in to full bath in seconds! Perfect for your changing needs!

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With so many options available, it’s important to assess your bathroom and mobility needs to find the right solution for you. Stop by and see the demos of these options in our showroom today or request an in home assessment from one of our qualified staff members.

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