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If you or a loved one …

  • Have had a knee or hip replacement
  • Suffer from arthritis
  • Deal with partial paralysis due to a stroke
  • Have difficulty standing up from a sitting position without assistance
  • Have an elderly loved one and wish to prevent falls

 A sleep chair is a practical, affordable, comfortable, and stylish solution. Tri-State Mobility offers you a comprehensive selection of sleep chairs to meet your every need, ranging from a basic two-position recliner all the way to an infinite-position recliner. Mobility lift chairs truly promote health, safety, and independence for everybody.

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Maxicomfort Infinite Position Sleep Chairs

Infinite-position chairs recline nearly flat like a bed, and some will even recline enough so your feet can rest above your heart, which is perfect for individuals with swelling in the legs and ankles. Infinite-position chairs have two motors that let the chair and footrest operate independently using separate control buttons. This allows a range of positions, so you can sit upright with the footrest up, which is impossible in 2- or 3-position chairs. Since they provide the largest variety of positions, infinite-position sleep chairs are the best choice if you plan on spending long periods of time in your chair.

An added feature of a Golden sleep chair is the patented Twilight Technology. This innovative, new tilt and positioning technology cradles your body providing a weightless experience allowing it to rest, relax, and rejuvenate.

Golden Twilight
Dione Chair

3-Position Sleep Chair

3-position chairs only have a single motor, so the headrest and the footrest operate in unison with one control. If the back reclines, the leg rest will come up at the same time. While 3-position chairs do fully recline, like a traditional recliner, they will not lay flat for sleeping. They are ideal for napping, however, in a semi-upright position. Additionally, the recliner can be positioned anywhere along their line of travel from reclining to standing.

Signature Series
Comforter Series
Elara Sleep Chair

Heavy Duty, Tall, and Wide Sleep Chairs

The Comforter Wide Series offers five models with wider seats to accommodate people who need more space between the armrests. Weight capacities for these models are 375, 500and 700 lbs., the highest in the industry. These models are constructed with the highest quality components for reliable, steady lifting and reclining.

MaxiComfort Wide
MaxiComfort Tall
Heavy Duty

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